Achieving success.

Mulpuri Fisheries Pvt. Ltd.

Over a decade ago, Fisheries was largely an un-organised sector in India, especially in Andhra Pradesh. The group saw the untapped potential that lay in the industry and it was in 2008 that the group began its operations in the Fishery sector. Fish Farming was initially limited to just a few hundred acres, but within a few years of the group entering the fray, the industry saw an unprecedented rise in production, largely due to the innovative practices brought about by the group.

With advanced technology and international standards put into place by companies like Mulpuri, Fish production hasseen a tenfold increase in the country. And it is little wonder that Andhra Pradesh ranks first in Fish production in the country, and accounts for almost 16% of the India's total production. Such encouraging figures and efforts have pushed India from obscurity to a record 2nd place in international Fish production, second only to China.

Currently the fastest revenue generator for the company, the group witnessed a staggering growth of over 2000 acres. With improving infrastructure and rising economic levels, Aquaculture and Fisheries are gaining momentum like never before.