Even the biggest buildings rely on a solid foundation.

Managing Team

The success of Mulpuri Group is testimony to the continuous efforts of the group’s founder – LakshmanaSwamy. With support from family and key associates, the company has braved many a storm and has in fact thrived on the challenges, which in-turn helped the group grow into the formidable enterprise that it is now.

To be able to script consecutive successes in a variety of sectors needs utmost determination, and most of all, an able and reliable team. At Mulpuri, we have a loyal and committed core staff, that has supported us through the group’s fledgling stages through its many obstacles and continue to do so. We owe the astounding success of the group to our employees, because we believe that they are our greatest asset.

Founder & Visionary

Learn one, do one, teach one. - Lakshmana Swamy Mulpuri

Born into a farmer’s family in Ramanagaram, a small village in rural A.P, his modest background not only helped him understand the nuances of farming as a business, but also see the numerous possibilities that lay in the agro sector. Soon after graduating in Commerce, he gave up a lucrative career in Finance to embark on a journey that would soon take him back to his roots – Agriculture.

Starting with Poultry, he set up the first facility with little investment, but a lot of support from his family. After a few initial setbacks, his entrepreneurial genius, keen business acumen and a passion to excel ensured that there was no looking back, as he took the company from strength to strength in its path to unrivalled glory.

At the helm of affairs in the company, LakshmanaSwamy is the driving force behind the group’s success and stands as inspiration, not just as an entrepreneur, but also as a humanitarian. An avid philanthropist, he plans to expand the charitable trust wing of the group in his endeavour to extend further support to the impoverished communities in the countryside.