Setting standards in quality Fish Feed production.

Mulpuri Foods and Feeds Pvt. Ltd.

For a burgeoning Aquaculture to thrive, it needs equally complementing resources to sustain the growth, such as – Fish Feed. Quality Fish Feed forms a very important part of Aquaculture and the Fisheries sector, as the production is directly proportional to the quality of the feed. In fact the steady increase in the production of fish can be attributed to Fish Feed.

Until a decade or so ago, India was an insignificant player in the Fish Feed production due to its reliance on traditional feeding based on age-old practices, which obviously don't result in high yields. A standardized quality in fish feed was important to ensure good quality, healthy, nutritious fish and most importantly, better yields. AP ranks first in Fish Feed production, which mainly consists of Soybean meal among other organic ingredients. Again taking AP to the top in Fish Feed production is Mulpuri Foods & Feeds. With further advancements in the production processes and the rise in the consumption of fish, Fish Feed is set to become a major industry among small farmers.

Built with state-of-the-art machinery, the Extrusion Plant was initially supposed to be an ad-hoc for the group's farms. However, the plant will now soon be part of mainstream production and for commercial sale. With a daily production capacity of over 660 tons, and spread over 100,000 sq ft, it is now an inseparable and key part of the group's Fisheries division.